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10 Amazing Facts About Elephants roi dimor unsplash

10 Amazing Facts About Elephants That Will Make You Love Them Even More!

Did you know that elephants can die of a broken heart or that an elephant’s tooth can weigh as much as three kilograms? Being the largest of all land mammals on earth, elephants are magnificent, fascinating creatures. Not only are they intelligent…
Amazing Facts About Aardvarks

Amazing Facts about Aardvarks

An aardvark, meaning an earthpig, is a little nocturnal animal. They are mostly found in Africa. These peculiar animals are not known by many people. Sometimes they are also called “Cape Anteater”, referring to the Cape of Good Hope, or…
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Top 10 Amazing Facts about PangolinsPhoto by Asia Sentinel

Top 10 Amazing Facts about Pangolins

The Pangolins are peculiar African and Asian mammals. Their bodies are covered with hard scales and they can curl up into a cute little ball in a defensive moment. Unfortunately they also have the title of world’s most trafficked animal. The…
Top 10 Interesting Facts about African Wild DogPhoto by World Wildlife Fund

Top 10 Interesting Facts about African Wild Dog

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The African Wild Dogs are oftentimes misunderstood. There are only about 5 000 left in the wild, putting them on the critically endangered list. They are very effective predators, with an 80% hunting success rate, in comparison with the 30%…
Brother In Blood The Mapogo Lions
Lions of the Sabi Sands

Lions of the Sabi Sands

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The lives of the legendary lions of Sabi the Sands read like the script for a soapie. A thirst for power, brutal techniques to gain it, betrayal among siblings, and unexpected take-overs from the rivals. Below a video series, following the journey of the famous lions of the Sabi Sands.You will be surprised to discover how much these magnificent wild beasts have in common with humans. See the behind the scenes of life in the African jungle.
Lions Vs Elephants

Lion vs Elephant: Amazing Sightings of Lions and Elephants Interacting

Lions and Elephants are both members of the Big 5.Lions are strong, carnivorous predators that usually hunt in co ordinated prides to bring their prey, although they can hunt and kill when alone.Elephants are the largest land mammal in existence today, they are massive herbivores that operate in complex family structures called herds. These herds usually led by a matriarch ( female leader ). Elephants can often be encountered on their own either as loan bull or during a temporary foray away from the herd.
Mapogo Lions Sabi Sands Kruger Park - Wikipedia

The Notorious Mapogo Lions of the Sabi Sand Game Reserve

The infamous Mapogo Lions of the Sabi Sands have become legends in their own right due to their impressive dominance of the area for 6 years, but also because of the violent and shocking way that they gained control of their territory and held it over the following years.

“If there were one more thing I could do, it would be to go on safari once again.”

– *Karen Blixen (Danish author best known for “Out of Africa”)